In this day and age hip-hop seems to be a fertile breeding ground for endless amounts feuds both inside and outside of the industry. Whether a feud deals with censorship from the outside or it’s simply a war of words between two mc’s when it comes to hip hop very few are willing to bite their toungues and move on. The latest feud involves California’s Bay Area native Mistah known for his contribution to the hyphy movement & Detroit’s Royce Da 5’9.

For those not familiar with the situation last month hosted a “Celebrity Rap Battle” at SOB’s in New York City with Joe Budden, Mistah F.A.B., Phonte, & Royce Da 5’9 scheduled to participate. Joe Budden was suppose to attend the event but no-showed because of a family emergency involving his brother getting shot. Phonte of Little Brother was also suppose to be involved in the battle but wasn’t able to attend for unknown reasons. With the issue of not being able to find a replacement for Phonte, & Budden no showing only F.A.B. and Royce were left to battle it out. After the first round it was obvious Mistah F.A.B. was a better competitor than everybody expected he would be. In the end, Mistah F.A.B won the battle uniamously with little doubt in anyone in the venues mind that he deserved the victory. After it was decided in a showing of good sportsmanship voiced his admiration and respect for Royce.

With little controversy surrounding the result of the battle nobody would expect a feud to develop… except for Royce. With the battle out of the headlines in the hip hop community Royce released a freestyle over the instrumental of Jay-Z’s latest single Blue Magic. In the freestyle Royce trys to explain why he lost & throws a shot at Mistah F.A.B. in the process saying “Nah battling ain’t in a nigga make up, Its 5 g’s on your chest like a a-cup, $100,000 change light my face up, Tell Mistah F.A.B. get his money when he wake up.” Not taking to kindly to being disrespected Mistah F.A.B. voiced his thoughts on Shade 45 letting people know that he wasn’t going down without a fight. Earlier this week F.A.B. fufilled his promise releasing a full length response dissing royce over several eminem instrumentals. In the diss F.A.B. attacks Royce on various topics ranging from the result of the battle to Royce’s feud with the deceased Proof.

With Royce expected to respond stay tuned to illest lyrics for the latest news as the situation develops.

The battle that started it all:

Youtube Battle

Royce’s blue magic freestyle:

Mistah F.A.B.’s response to Royce:

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