Director Mike Rapaport tells MTV how disappointed he was that Phife Dawg was the only member of the group in attendance for A Tribe Called Quest documentary that premiered at Sundace Festival in Utah on Saturday.

“The last time I was with Q-Tip, he was fawning over the movie, [saying] ‘I love the movie. I think it could do this, I think it could do that.’ His feeling about the movie was even higher than my feelings about the movie. It’s disappointing that the rest of the group isn’t here. They were offered everything they needed … to get here. They chose not to be here. I felt like Phife last night at the world premiere handled himself as a gentleman and was so honest and sweet and vulnerable, the same way he is in the movie.”

The group issued the following statement below.

“Thanks to our fans for their support through the years and for the enthusiasm around the documentary. We hope that the film’s perspective conveys our love of hip-hop culture. We could not attend Sundance, but we want to express our love and appreciation for the support that we have received in advance of the film’s premiere tonight. We hope that it is well received.”

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