As untouchable as the undefeated Floyd Mayweather is in the boxing ring. He now will need to prove so in the court of law.

Floyd Mayweather, 33, was arrested in Las Vegas and charged with Grand Larceny.

The multi millionaire has been called a lot of things since entering the sport of boxing. His outlandish tactics for self promotion have made him easily one of the most hated boxers in the history of the sport, but that’s also brought maximum attention, and a huge following of young fans. Unlike many, Floyd Mayweather has backed up his words with exceptional fights, record breaking pay per views, and working outside of his boxing promotion to make millions through endorsements, wrestling events, and music.

Now the empire that Floyd Mayweather built is in jeopardy because yesterday Floyd Mayweather was arrested after allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris in front of their three children and stealing her phone. They lived together for 7 years, but broke it off in May after many “on and off years” according to Harris.

The charismatic boxer was charged with Grand Larceny and could face up to five years in prison for allegedly stealing his ex-girlfriends $500 iPhone. The charge is handed to anyone who steals property valued at less than $2500 dollars. He was released for a small bail of $3000 dollars from Clark County Jail shortly after being booked.

In his mugshot, Floyd Mayweather evidently has something to be happy about. Maybe its because the police found no bruises on his ex-girlfriend or he’s just constantly in entertainer mode. Police have yet to charge him with the beating of his ex-girlfriend which theoretically could bring new charges to the famed boxer.

Josie Harris has sought and been granted a 30 day protective order after the incident. This is not the first time that she has done so. Five years ago she also attempted to get a restraining order after being in fear for her safety, she claimed that he had beaten his last girlfriend.

In the request that spans 9 pages, she alleges that “Money Mayweather” pulled her hair, punched her in the head and twisted her arm while she screamed for their children to call 911.

“He yelled and screamed that he was going to kill me and my boyfriend,” Harris wrote. “Floyd has threatened to have other people do harm to me as well and if (there) is a way I can be protected from that please help me.”

Speculation is running rampant, but it’s pointless to do anything other then bring our users the facts. Its probably best that nobody jumps to conclusions because these type of cases can easily come to a halt over night.

Feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comment section. But this is basically the facts as they exist currently, September 11th, 2010.