Marc Ecko is a name in fashion that is easily recognizable. He has been one of the top designers in urban style. This was founded in the year 1993 by Marc Ecko himself along with Marci Tapper and Seth Gerszberg. This brand is not only for the young and hip in the United States but also all across the world. As a matter of fact, the Ecko Enterprises is well known for young street lookers as well as adults, rappers and the black community.

Marc Ecko clothing can be distinguished by its main logo consisting of the “Rhino.” This was indeed very popular and we can almost see that everywhere – from billboards to magazines. Ecko clothing is quite diverse and includes a variety of designs for sneakers, jackets, hoodies, watches, bags, hats and so many more. Included in the brand are *ecko unltd., G-Unit, Marc Ecko Cut and Sew, Zoo York, Marc Ecko Entertainment, Complex Media Network, and *eckoTV. While each brand has a unique and a different style, there is no doubt that this is suitable for everyone searching for the best gangsta look.

A Full Scale Fashion and Lifestyle Venture

Marc Ecko Enterprises is indeed a global phenomenon. According to a report on sales, they have sold over 1.5 billion in retail across the globe and have over 1,300 employees on the planet. In just 15 years, they have grown to be one of the most successful and biggest companies for fashion in the industry.

The main focus of Marc Ecko clothing is interactive entertainment. Yet it has targeted no consumer type in particular as it has provided different kinds of apparel for both men and women. MEE has the leading brand for young men’s wear, a contemporary line for males, action sports enthused accessories and clothing for everyone and juniors’ garbs. Apart from that, the enterprise has a magazine, a sportswear brand and a videogame.

Youthful and Hip

Marc Ecko clothing is recognized all over the world as the top brand for urban lifestyle. Right now, the collections are slowly dominating the mainstream culture for urban styles. With 12 clothing lines, Ecko has provided the right kind of classy and sassy clothes for the teenagers and adults.

Several years ago, many fans of the hip hop culture would have used clothes from designers who had nothing to do with anything urban. This kind of style used to be something that meant refurbishing the fit and size of unadventurous and preppy apparel so that males could wear clothes that would hardly fit them yet they were comfortable with it.

Times have changed and this includes the hip hop industry and the style associated with it. Fans would like something more interesting and cool at the same time. Cut and Sew is a perfect example of brand that can do just that. This is now a viable solution for the young consumers who are looking for a way to dress themselves up while having fun and being comfortable.

Since its founding, we may have all witnessed how MEE turned from a runt business that sold tees to a full fledged company for urban fashion. Most of the buyers of the Marc Ecko clothing line are the youthful men who would like nothing more than a contemporary approach in wearing any urban style.

This enterprise has formed a venture that has captivated millions of hip-hoppers around the globe. Marc Ecko himself once vowed to alter the face of urban fashion and we can really see that he has contributed a lot to the industry even creating shirts and gears for boxers and martial artists.

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