Former Cash Money Records label mate Magnolia Shorty (né Renetta Lowe) was recently shot and killed in her native New Orleans neighborhood. Although very little has been revealed of the case, AllHipHop revealed that the 28-year-old rapper was found shot 26 times in a New Orleans housing projects. Q93.3 FM’s DJ Wild Wayne broke the story earlier this afternoon following wild speculation on Twitter.

If y’all haven’t heard, Magnolia Shorty was killed today,” he said over the airwaves. “I’m just astonished. I need to get my head together for a minute.” (

Magnolia Shorty, who was given her name by the late Magnolia Slim, was first featured on Juvenile’s “3rd Ward Solja” off 1997’s Solja Rags. Most recently, she was featured in SXSW’s 2010 line-up, where she discussed her origins in rap with Spinner.

I wanted to be a rapper. I’ve been rapping since I was 12 years old,” said Lowe. “I was working on mix tapes and my verse while rapping at block parties. I eventually got introduced to Cash Money Records and we just went from there.” (

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