Lupe Fiasco – The Cool Leaks

Lupe Fiasco’s, second album, The Cool, has leaked to the internet today.

The is his highly anticipated “The Cool” concept album based off the song “The Cool” from his first album “Food And Liquor”.

Here are all the confirmed tour dates, singles, purchase link, preview link, album cover, quotes, tracklist, and release date.

Tour Dates

Nov. 30 – Urbana, IL – University of Illinois

Dec. 2 – Champaign, IL – University of Illinois

Dec. 6 – Los Angeles, CA – TBA

Dec. 7 – Los Angeles, CA – TBA

Dec. 18 – New York, NY – The Fillmore

Dec. 27 – Honolulu, HI – Pipeline Cafe


Street Single


The cover is made of up “Islamic calligraphy” style letters, and Arabic type characters to spell Lupe Fiasco.


01. Baba Says Cool for Thought

02. Free Chilly

(feat. Sarah Green and Gemstones)

03. Go Go Gadget Flow

04. The Coolest

05. Superstar (feat. Matthew Santos)

06. Paris, Tokyo

07. Hi-Definition

(feat. Snoop Dogg and Pooh Bear)

08. Gold Watch

09. Hip-Hop Saved My Life (feat. Nikki Jean)

10. Intruder Alert (feat. Sarah Green)

11. Streets on Fire

12. Little Weapon

(feat. Bishop G and Nikki Jean)

13. Gotta Eat

14. Dumb It Down

(feat. Gemstones and Graham Burris)

15. Hello/Goodbye (Uncool) (feat. UNKLE)

16. The Die (feat. Gemstones)

17. Put You on Game

18. Fighters (feat. Matthew Santos)

19. Go Baby (feat. Gemstones)

Release Date

December 18th 2007

Leak Date

December 11th 2007


Matthew Santos, Gem Stones, Sarah Green, and Snoop Dogg


The pieces won’t come together, seriously, until like three weeks before it comes out. We’ll probably record everything in, like, a week. So we’re just gonna get it all together, map it out, have it done to a T, and then go and record. Then fresh from the studio, fresh to mastering …so it eliminates a lot of time and error that was surrounding my debut.

Further Ideas

The album could continue into a comic book and a horror themed radio program.

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Album Preview

MTV – The Cool – Album Preview


Lupe Fiasco Breaks Down “The Cool” album