In an interview with Kevin W. Reese from Hot 97, Lupe focused on the future, when asked where he sees himself in five years, he had a surprising answer.

Hopefully I’ll be out of my traditional record deal, the record deal I’m in right now. Probably living in Africa somewhere, making rock music,” he said. When pressed if he was serious Lupe laughed and said, “Who knows man? Who knows? I don’t know.”

The Chi-Town emcee then elaborated on his wish to be free of Atlantic Records. “Yeah, yeah. I would rather be independent, I would take that,” he said, before adding that independence isn’t the easy way out.

Independent comes with its own set of consequences, so that takes preparation. The same way you prepare to come into a record deal, you need to prepare to come into an indie situation because there is a lot of things you’re going to lose taking that route.”

Reese suggested he could just get on iTunes and promote through the blogs, Lupe wasn’t so sure. “Yeah you could, you could. But I’m banned from half the Hip Hop blogs on the Internet (laughs),” he said, referring to his backlash against blogs for leaking his songs. “I confronted them, I called them out. They felt I confronted them in a very physical way, which I did not.”

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