I haven’t seen this many Lasers since Tom Cruise was getting shot at by walking mushrooms. Lupe Fiasco & John Legend team up for this new single “Never Forget You” — the track is slated to land on Lupe’s forthcoming album, Lasers, due March 2011. Hopefully. If it does, we (and especially Lupe) can thank Atlantic Records President Julie Greenwald. Says the rapper (via Baltimore Sun):

“We had a meeting with all of the superpowers at Atlantic Records. Julie Greenwald was like, ‘Listen, shut the f— up. We need to put this album out. What do we need to do to put the egos aside? You want this album to come out. We want this album to come out. Let’s put this album out.’ It really took her coming in and being the advocacy on an artist’s side as well as being able to respectfully articulate the corporate side. … All credit goes to Julie Greenwald coming in as the mediator.”

Check out the incredible track below… Support real hip hop.

[mp3]http://www.illestlyrics.com/copyright/ap-kt5np7cys4gk&titles=Lupe Fiasco ft John Legend – Never Forget You.mp3[/mp3]

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