Ludacris will be performing today at the Live Earth concert. The concerts cause is to raise money for global warming research.

Similar to the “Live Aid” concert a few years ago, this concert will span across every continent on earth.

The “Live Earth Concert” was arranged by Al Gore, who has recently written the movie “The inconvenient truth”, which looks at all the negative effects we are having on the planet.

The documentary, which focuses on “Climate Change” won an academy award.

Ludacris was personally invited by Al Gore to perform at the “Live Earth Concert”, he tells

Luda also stated he is trying to change his own habits that have a negative effect on the planet. He claims to be educating himself on the matter of global warming.

The Grammy award winning artist also said, this is a very positive concert.

The premise of the “Live Earth Concert” is to bring attention to the effects of climate change.

They will be endorsing walking, buying more fuel-efficient cars, and my favorite not smoking!

The event will air on MSN, NBC, and like the “Live Aid” concert, MTV.

An estimated 1 billion people are expected to watch the concerts.

Artists that you will probably be most interested in hearing are Akon, Afi, Alicia Keys, David Bowie, Dave Mathews, Kayne West, and John Mayer.

The concert is currently going on as we speak!

You can click the link at the top to watch it live!

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