Starting off the MTV list for hottest MC’s 2010, Ludacris comes in at number 10.

Any list that is compiled is going to be controversial, opinion isn’t fact, that is why this is a debate. If you’re upset because Banks didn’t make the list and Luda did, it’s a sad day for you. That being said, Luda did have a number one album, three singles, a mixtape, and featured on the incredibly horrendous Beiber song.

Most will agree that Luda is not the MC that he was when he came out of the gates at the beginning of this century.

He’s evolved and now is more of a marketer of himself than a pure rap artist.

Regardless, he still can make some good music and a lot of people are buying it. He hasn’t really changed his formula at all, he releases an erotic single/club banger, something quirky, gets hot production and features which correlates to millions of dollars.

With all them points accounted for. I don’t think many in the hip hop community are going to argue on an originality and creativity level, Lloyd Banks surpassed Luda by a galaxy. Lyrically, who is a better rapper could be debated for years to come.

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