LL Cool J is not a stranger to beef. He was in an infamous beef with Canibus, Ice T, and Kool D Moe to name a few.

But the beef he seems to want now could be the most interesting to date.

The facts seem to be stacking in the favor of LL wanting some beef with Def Jams President Jay Z (who recently denied allegations of throwing subliminal shots at LL Cool J in the I Get Money Remix ), you can judge yourself with the video we have included at the bottom of this article.

LL says in the video, in case you don’t have the capabilities to watch it, “This new generation doesn’t necessarily know my history so sometimes you gotta Bernard Hopkins a cat for them to understand what they’re dealing with.”

“I’m happy that this moment has come to this…it’s about to get real funny… I don’t even know why you did that to yourself, instead of doing that verse; you should’ve been doing your job.”

Last year at the MTV music video awards LL Cool J said “I think Def Jam needs to be a better promoter of hip hop. I think Jay-Z does a very good job…of promoting Jay-Z.”

Jay Z recently stated in an interview that we uploaded on this site that he has let LL pass a few times because he is a legend. Listen to the Jay Z Interview

It seems the stones are getting set in place for it to be an interesting winter in Hip Hop, LL seems excited and both artists do have a platform to diss eachother, as they both have records coming out soon.

Of course, LL Cool J could be referring to other emcees, but it’s not so likely. He might even be dissing some other rappers? We will see.

Illest will keep you updated with all the latest developments.

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