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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 10, 2008 – Sir Drafton, the young African-American “techno whiz geek” who recently launched (an urban social networking website) confidently leveraged his 12 years of web design and development in creating this enhanced web platform.

As an avid web surfer, Drafton focused on user analysis and dedicated a great deal of time determining what his users would want to achieve through the use of the LiveMyHustle website. The 33 year old entrepreneur assessed that young people, although loyal to social platforms such as MySpace and Facebook, were seeking a new and fresh website experience. Drafton was up for the task, and with his online media expertise he single-handedly developed viable web strategies, structured content, site and application architecture, while focusing on functionality and technology options to create this novel web platform “for the people.”

Drafton surmises that he is probably one of only a handful of African-American internet web developers to head-up an internet start-up company focused on developing social networking sites. He easily traces his dream of entering the dot com arena to his youth.

Drafton, without question, traces his dream of entering the dotcom arena to his youth — having worked with “basic” programming on PCs at the early age of 9. However, Drafton’s much unexpected diagnosis of cancer almost 2 years ago is a driving force in the passion he shows for his work. The development of in the fall of 2006 was his precursory entry into the niche Web2.0 arena. Drafton, essentially, programmed his way through 12 months of cancer treatment; the ImOnChemo website contains a dramatic videoblog of Drafton’s journey through radiation, chemotherapy and several surgeries. It was during this journey that Drafton embraced the philosophy of programming every single day, and the LiveMyHustle web property was birthed through Drafton’s mantra “build it and they will come!”

Drafton’s assurance in his vision was boosted in the summer of 2007 when his web properties and products landed his company in the top 100 finalist of TechCrunch 20′ s hottest new internet


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