Lil Wayne has sold an incredible one million albums since his LP Tha Carter III was released Tuesday.

The outgoing Lil Wayne, who hasn’t dropped an album since 06 – sold approximately 1,005,545 copies.

Kanye West’s critically acclaimed “Graduation” was the last full-length album to come close to the million mark, which he missed, during the fierce album sale competition with 50 cent, this past summer.

Kanye fell short of the magic number by a couple thousand albums and the feat hasn’t been accomplished since 50 cent dropped The Massacre in 2005.

A rapper who has been actively involved in mainly the Mixtape scene to go along with collaborations has built-up an unbelievable amount of hype for this album.

Some speculated that, he had over-saturated the hip hop scene and people may be sick of him or just listen to his Mixtape music.

Tha Carter 3 which is Lil Wayne’s third and final LP, in Tha Carter trilogy, leaked to the internet two weeks ago.

Critics assumed that Lil Wayne’s hype wasn’t going to translate to album sales.

The southern rapper, who doesn’t hide his ego often, already has a video out – gloating about his accomplishment.

In the first video, in a new series called “Weezy Blogs”, the flamboyant rapper tells his fans that “we did it”. Thanking all of his fans for buying and downloading the album.

The feedback for Tha Carter III has been mixed. Even some of Lil Wayne’s die hard fans are reverting back to his previous albums for a more lyrical Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne has reached the pinnacle of his success to date with this album and has topped the billboard charts with his first single “Lolipop”.

I’ve said it before – whether you love him or hate him, numbers don’t lie.

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