Lil Wayne – Kobe Bryant

The NBA finals will begin tonight and what better way to get ready for action then to listen to Lil Wayne rap about Kobe Bryant?

Ok, maybe there is one or two things that are better.


Lil Wayne – Kobe Bryant


6 responses to “Lil Wayne – Kobe Bryant”

  1. Just playing What Bloodz!!!!

  2. Birdman is weak as a Bitch Wayne is fucking him!!!!

  3. The Group to look for Is Youngmoney they are Here!!!!!!

  4. G-Unit All the Way!!!!!

  5. Kobe is not the best that nigger is a bitch!!!!

  6. Brandon Avatar

    Lil wayne is the greatest and so is Kobe…Amazingness put together on this track. another great thing….kobe will be on the cover for nba 2k10