Lil Wayne has a new interview with XXL magazine. And as usual goes completely crazy.

This is just a preview, of course, you will have to buy the magazine to read the entire interview.

Here is an exert.

[Long pause] I’d be lying if I say I don’t. I’m trying to be modest. Yeah, I did. Because I carry myself different now. I dress different now. I act different. As far as behind the mic, though, no. Because I don’t look at myself as a superstar behind the mic. Never have. I look at myself as—I don’t know why I keep using these damn words—great or the best. As far as the skills part of it or the technical part of it, that’s the only thing that’s grown. It ain’t about I’ve grown into this superstar. It’s about I’ve grown into this person that people pay attention to. I’ve grown into this person that people expect from.

Read The Entire Interview With XXL

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