Lil Wayne has finally done a video for the heavily sampled A Milli. He will be doing a considerable amount of singles for Tha Carter III.

Tha Carter III has sold over a million copies to date and went plat in its first week.

A Milli was the first song to leak from Tha Carter and almost every rapper in the game used the instrumental.

His first single was “Lolipop” and the song quickly became a hit. The single easily smashed radio and internet download records.

The southern artist claimed that Tha Carter III was going to be the last in Tha Carter trilogy, but in his first video blog, he claimed – he would be working on Tha Carter IIII shortly.

You can watch the video for “A Milli” below. The video is pretty simple, but to the point.

Lil Wayne has been all over the charts for the last 2 years featuring on collaborations and it wouldn’t be shocking to see this video gets requested.

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