How hot is Lil Wayne. He spends most of the year locked up in jail and still remains in the top ten for hottest MC’s in the game. With the momentum building for his huge release Carter 4 next year, few can doubt that he’ll be back at the top of the list come next fall.

How did he make the list? Well, he shot a whole load of videos before he was incarcerated including the noteworthy No Love with Eminem. The unbelievable amount of material that is on the radio now that features Lil Wayne is a testament to his star power and the panel also makes a great point. He basically set it up so it felt like he didn’t really go away.

They also discuss the amount of buzz that he has generated while in jail. Everyone is interested that he is going into solitary confinement, what he is doing while locked up, what he is going to do when he gets out. It’s just simply unprecedented.

Not to mention, the I Am Not A Human Being that was released on his birthday, September 27th.

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