We have been posting a lot of Guilty Simpson music lately. An emcee named L.G. Project recently messaged us asking to post his new single.

Of course, we are always accepting new music from underground artists.

Here is his entire message to Illest Lyrics to go along with this hip hop music video.


I make music under the title of Lidget Green Project. I’m from the UK, Bradford
area. My debut single features Guilty Simpson with a song titled ‘Trusted
(Lying Bitch)’. I’ve had a little video put together, nothing official, just
something that visually reflects the lyrics and mood of the song. The video and single are only a couple of days old.

I wondered if you guy’s would be down for listing the video in the video section
or news section of your blog??

If not – don’t worry, I understand. Have a think and get back to me whenever you
can anyway,

P.S My next single will be released early summer. Feat Craig G, ‘Sick Day’ will
feature an official promo video shot in L.A

Thank you,


Illest Lyrics will keep you updated with all the latest news and hip hop music from Guilty Simpson and L.G. Project.

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