Back for the first time!?

Indie artist Kurse (from Chicago,) has finally moved up and beyond typical music hosting websites and finally launched his own domain dedicated to his music and movement.  With the assistance of  illestlyrics editor-in-chief Complexity, Kurse now offers a site to the public to not only to promote, but cater to the wants and needs of his listeners.  From free MP3 downloads off of his mixtapes to Free ringtones and wallpapers, Mr. Good has launched a strong campaign with a fully functional site with alot to offer. 

Visit the domain and tour through it.  With a complete photo gallery, music streaming directly on the site and links to his Facebook, Twitter & Myspace…it’s worth the time spent there.

Kurse is one of the first original 100 members of illestlyrics signing up in October of 2006.  He’s currently signed to his own recording company, Anger Manij’ment Entertainment Incorporated (A.M.E. Inc.) and will be dropping his debut LP entitled, “Broken Home” later this year.

Stay tuned into illestlyrics for more news and updates on Kurse.

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