MTV has a special on who’s the hottest in the game and standing at No. 1 is Kanye West.

Last year there was some controversy with the list and many mc’s responded, one of them being 50 Cent when he said “He’s at number 1, and I got a cd going right now” “Fuck MTV”. Those comments were in regards to MTV putting Lil Wayne at the hottest last year.

There’s sure to be some controversy this year also with the way list is written. You can click the name below to read an in-depth reason as to why they are the number on the list.

1.Kanye West


3.Lil Wayne

4.Rick Ross

5.Snoop Dogg

6.50 Cent

7.Lupe Fiasco

8.Young Jeezy

9.Andre 3000




T.I, Andre



Young Jeezy, Lupe Fiasco, and Snoop



50 Cent, Jay Z, Rick Ross



Kanye West, Lil Wayne


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