Kanye Wests graduation beat 50 cents Curtis by a landslide in the first week sales, which really means nothing, or does it?

First of all, before we bring in all the statistics, let’s elaborate the big winner is Universal Music Group. Interscope respectively being 50 cents label while Def Jam is Kanye Wests.

Both albums surpassed the last two years of sales.

Kanye West – Graduation sold “957,000” units in only six days this week, while his previous effort “College Dropout” sold 860,000 copies.

While 50 Cents “Curtis” sold a half a million (691,000 copies sold) for the number 2 spot on the billboards. His last album “The Massacre” sold 1.1 million. Selling the most copies any album had in the first week in the history of hip hop.

Kanye West talked to the associated press yesterday and told them, “It feels overwhelming”

“Everyone is coming up to me and telling me how proud they are of me.”

Jay Z rapper/president of Def Jam records said “We’re not gloating”

“He’s celebrating his win … In his mind, he believed he could win the whole time.”

Obviously this is not the worldwide statistics as they are not in yet, and really means nothing in the long run, because it’s about whose album sells the most.

Though this will be some great momentum for Kanye Wests album to keep selling.

It seems so far that Kanye West is going to be holding the crown in hip hop for a while, and we will continue to see the backlash from 50 Cents otherwise disappointing sales.

50 Cent did promise to wage war on Def Jam if this was the final result.

We are going to be watching this close.

Interesting Fact: This is the only the second time that two albums coming out the same week sold over 600k, the last time was when Guns N Roses released the Illusion & Illusion 2 in the same exact week.

It seems as though hip hop sales at least aren’t stagnant or decreasing anytime in the near future.

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