Kanye West falls to the number 2 spot this week on the billboard spots, fortunately for Kanye it wasn’t to 50 cent’s album Curtis.

Reba Mcintyre’s Reba Duets sold 301 k this week to take the number position on the billboards.

Kanye did great for his second week though, selling 226k copies of his new album Graduation.

West has already went platinum with 1.18 mill sold in just two weeks.

50 Cents Curtis came in a modest third place. Selling 143 k this week. Still not as much as Kanye for the second week and keeping him far behind.

Chamillionares Victory sold debuted at number 8 selling 78 k it’s first week.

Twista’s Adrenaline Rush sold 41k and debuted at number 10. This was also his first week on the billboard charts.

T.I vs T.I.P sold dropped from position 19 to 35, selling 19k, that puts him at 1.07 overall.

Common and Talib Kweli both dropped significantly this week after coming out so strong. They are both dwindling.

Commons – Finding Forever sold 16k which puts him at over 300,000k overall. He went from position 17 to 40.

While Talib Kweli’s – Ear Drum, dropped to #66 selling 11k as well 129 k overall.

Common debuted originally at number one on the billboard charts, and Talib came in at number 2 just 4 weeks ago.

Havoc of Mob Deep has been taunting artists like Kanye West and T.I for their lack of talent.

Well, he might need to shut-up for a while, because his album Kush sold 4k.

A number that would be pathetic for a less mainstream artist.

Aesop Rock’s None Shall Pass fell to number 169 from 97. Overall selling 29k.

Aesop went up all them spots last week after he got the artist of the week on MTV.

We will keep you updated with all the latest on album sales, if we find them interesting.

Thanks for hiphopdx.com, for having this information available for me to use.

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