Kanye West has recently revealed in an interview with GQ, that it was his idea to have the selling war.

50 Cent and Kanye West went head to head in sales on September 7th with extensive media coverage.

Kanye ended up selling more albums.

“It was a complete publicity stunt. It was my idea. I knew it was going to take off assoon as we were going to come out on the same date.

“Think about it – you got the two biggest s**t-talkers in rap history.

There’s no-one in rap history for talking more s**t than me and 50.That’s something I will stand on.”

He talks about 50 Cent’s controversial idea to say, he would retire if he sold less albums than Kanye.

“Oh man, he sold so many more records by sayingthat. Man, 50 is really one of my favourite rappers, too. I almost feelbad (about beating him).”

That’s genius marketing and more proof towards the WWE like rap game that rappers keep referencing.

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