Joe Budden has recently signed to a major label and has a new interview where he discusses that and much more.

DJ Booth: Being that you’ve had so long to work, like you said, on your lyrics, your delivery, and your rhyme patterns, do you feel right now, this is the best Joe Budden has ever been at?

Joe Budden: Hm… the answer to that is yes, but, I don’t feel that I’m in my prime in any shape, form, or fashion. I don’t think that I’ve hit my peak yet. I’m twenty-seven years old, I’ll be twenty-eight in August, and even that quote you said – I have some things that I’ve been workin’ on, such as delivery, wordplay, breath control, just a lot of other things that artists work on, that the listener may not be listening for. The scary part is I’ll finally hit my peak in another two or three years.

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