Jim Jones has an interview with Hot97 and talks about the Cam beef and Jay Z.

Of course, he mainly talks about money, because that’s what Jim Jones seems to be all about.

He talks about signing with Sony. How he has a great deal to get that “Bad Boy Money”.

He talks about it all be good with Cam’ron. He even invites him to make money.

Jimmy talks about the 50 cent relationship. How they came together and how it doesn’t have anything to do with Cam’ron.

He talks about the hammerstein ballroom performance with 50.

Jimmy talks about beef and calls 50 cent and Cam’s beef a comedic battle.

He claims, beefing isn’t for him.

He dissed Jay Z basically to show his creativeness and it was all a joke.

He went on to say that Jay Z is on top of the game, and has been in the game for to long.

He (Jay Z) is messing up Jim Jones game. He can’t make that scrilla.

Jim says that Jay takes his money, that’s his money.

Notice a pattern yet?

Jimmy talks about his new album American Gangster for Harlem, which comes out the same day as Jay’s American Gangster.

It’s hosted by Dame Dash!

He calls himself a hater, but he loves diplomat. He doesn’t care what Jay is doing.

The diplomat rapper plays some of Shawns music, of course. He don’t be up in the club, dancing to it though.

One of the most profound hip hop minds of our generation interview. Now watch it!

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