Jim Jones and Cam’ron were not on speaking terms for nearly five years. Jim Jones felt that Cam’ron was holding him down and at one point was being mentored by Cam’ron’s rival 50 Cent who Cam’ron at the time was consistently making records directed at.

Though most of the time, Jim Jones and Cam’ron kept a front, there was obvious animosity between the two. That feud was more or less the official end of Dipset as Juelz Santana was working on his own projects and Jr Writer also was focused on his solo career. Things got quiet for a while until Cam’ron made his return this summer. Rumblings started about a Dipset reunion which has since been confirmed.

Now, Jim Jones and Cam’ron team up with JR Writer to give us some of that Dipset magic that their respected fans have been craving for many years. Go Cinderella will appear on Capo, Jim Jones upcoming record.

Here is the download:


Jim Jones ft. Cam’ron & Jr Writer – Go Cinderella

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