Mychal Bell was released from jail this Thursday, greeted by Al Sharpton he walked out the jail with a smile on his face.

We at Illest Lyrics would like to congratulate Mychal, who hopefully from here on out gets a fair shot.

Though, of course we don’t condone his actions.

Mychal Bell was the last of the six teenagers from Jena 6 to be released after they had all beat up a white teenager.

He has been in jail for almost 6 months.

The juvenile court judge set his bail at 45,000 dollars.

This whole Jena 6 controversy started when some white kids put nooses under the “so called, white tree”.

Shortly after a white kid was beaten up because of it.

Now months later, the hip hop community, media, and civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson went to Louisiana

to protest the “unfair” punishments of the African American Boys.

You can read the entire article at the link provided.

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