Well, if anyone was ever going to brake Sade’s cherry, let it be the king himself, Jay-Z.

Jay-Z and Sade will have a feature on a remixed track titled “Moon & The Sky” from Sade’s latest album Soldier of Love, her first release in 10 years.

“Moon & The Sky” will be featured on Sade’s upcoming box set, Ultimate Collection.

Last year, during the release Sade was promoting Soldier of Love, she revealed that she had no immediate plans to break her tradition of refusing to collaborate with other artists.

I don’t think they have contacted me,” Sade told Canada’s National Post in February of 2010. “I’ve never collaborated because I’ve always avoided working outside my safety zone — I can be exactly who I am and can fail or succeed within the moment. I feel safe working like I do. I wouldn’t want to work in a situation where I am expected to deliver, because I think I wouldn’t deliver.”

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