Jon Stewart interviews presidents, athletes, actors, and authors. He also interviews rappers like Snoop Dogg and now Jay Z.

Jay is promoting his book Decoded that is a self evaluation and thorough deconstruction on his best lyrical work.

The book is available on shelves now.

In the interview, Jay Z begins by processing what it was like growing up with hip hop, in a literal sense. He talks about how his surroundings impacted his lyrics and why the art form has been dismissed for most of its existence.

Jay talks about the entrepreneurial spirit that drives artists to become moguls when they reach the top.

Towards the end of the interview, he tackles the idea of an artists longevity. How hip hop can change the perception that its a young man’s sport by creating more mature content. He attributes to his success as an artist to coming closer to the truth of universalities rather than circumstance.

Absolutely great interview. Jay Z remains an amazing spokesmen for hip hop even if you don’t like his music.

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