Jay Z discusses his upcoming album Blueprint 3, doing a Take Over 2.0, what influenced this album, how this is the real blueprint, and much more. I’ll break it all down for you after the video.

*** Jay talks about laying down the blueprint for other artists and how he is starting to reach the peaks of the idols that he grew up on. ***

*** About narrowing the music to “Autotune” and other radio friendly music. He expected the backlash from the autotune record. ***

*** He speaks about Drake, Kid Cudi, Mr. Hudson, Kanye West, and Rhianna being on the album. ***

*** He talks about putting Kanye on the map with Blueprint3. ***

*** He discusses the possibility of a “Take Over 2.0” and how it would have to be done right. ***

*** He has too great of a life to worry about MC’s attacking him. A lot of laughing after that one, but its obviously true. ****

*** He speaks about the “unnecessary shots” at The Game. He also elaborates on the hip hop beef committee that he wants to set up because the beefs are so corny. ***

*** He expounds on how blogs affect the hip hop game, what blogs he reads, e.g. nahright.com, and Kanye West’s blog. What he thinks about starting his own blog. He is going to start a website soon, he doesn’t want to do it half way. ***

*** Blueprint 3 baby on the way….September 11th. ***

*** Keys to success in this game from our motivation speaker Jay Z. Success is only a byproduct of the work. ***

*** Music comes first. ***

*** How he has progressed as an artist on the stage. ***

*** His favorite song up the upcoming album is titled “Empire State Of Mind”. He has an idea of who he would like to put on the song, he isn’t sure yet. ***

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