Ja Rule’s album The Mirror that was suppose to be released a couple years ago leaked a few months ago. You can download it, check out the tracklist, and cover.




1 “Mirror Intro”
2 “Message to Mankind”
3 “Uh-Oh”
4 “Body”
5 “Sunset”
6 “300″
7 “Enemy of the State”
8 “Ladies”
9 “Father Forgive Me”
10 “Judas”
11 “Damn”
12 “The Mirror”
13 “Somethin New”
14 “Rules of Engagement”
15 “It’s All Hood Now”
16 “Hear Say”
17 “Sing a Prayer for Me”

Ja Rule

The album was leaked already so I’m really just putting it out there for the people who didn’t really get a chance to hear it, There’s some extra records on there that I put on there that I didn’t necessarily record for The Mirror and there are a couple of records that were recorded for The Mirror but didn’t leak. A lot of people didn’t hear a lot of the records, so if you’re not a die-hard Ja Rule fan, then you probably didn’t hear a lot of the records or not at all…You gotta understand, The Mirror was made almost three years ago now so there’s a couple of jabs on The Mirror, I ain’t gonna front.


Ja Rule – The Mirror

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