In the video interview with the Associated Press shown above, Akon revealed what Dr. Dre’s next song might be like.

“Actually, that’s what really excites me more about it,” says singer Akon, which is initially speaking about Lady Gaga, who is signed to his label imprint. “You got some straight, hardcore Hip Hop guys actually moving into the dance realm.”

“That’s shocking,” says Akon, “when you got someone like Dr. Dre about to do a dance record. That’s my point. That’s crazy. But, in a way, it’s so exciting for me because that just shows our industry is so open-minded to everything. And believe it or not, with that open-mindedness, we can create magic.”

“It actually sounds great,” said the singer of the untitled Dr.Dre record. “He played it for me. I was shocked. I was like, ‘Wow, that’s dope!’ When the world hears this, they might go crazy!”

It is uncertain whether the record will be on Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated Detox album, or whether he’s simply producing it for another artist.

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