The first podcast from Kurse of Illest Lyrics in a year, him and his co-host discuss hip hop news floating around Illest Lyrics, the forum, and more. The topics are listed in that particular order.



  • -Our Winner predictions for illestlyrics text tourney
  • Ekoms vs The Illest world!?
  • The HKX VS. Miilz beef
  • Emcee’s makin excuses about their “broken studios”
  • What happend to KO after the KO & Hazard beef?
  • We discuss Eminem’s new “Relapse” album
  • Whats the deal with Aftermath/Interscope…are they sleepin on talent?
  • TI VS. Ludacris…who’s the real King of the South!?
  • Why you have to respect 50 Cent’s hustle
  • We need a heavy hittin Mexican emcee in the game!
  • IHH ( website has shut down for good!!!
  • Shoutouts
  • A.M.E. updates on Kurse’s “Insomnia album”, HKX’s “Bonafide” album & Viral’s “Better Late Than Never” album
  • The return of Diverse aka OneDiverseKid to illestlyrics
    …and more.


Illest Podcast #12 – Download

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