To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs
  • 1 Until The Nipples Gone
  • 2 The Major Leagues
  • 3 Scalp
  • 4 The Best Day
  • 5 Americareful
  • 6 Hope
  • 7 The Loser Wins
  • 8 Shotgun
  • 9 Commodities
  • 10 The Number None
  • 11 Freefallin’
  • 12 To All My Friends
  • .
  • .

While touring and working on their next official album, Atmosphere is releasing a double EP full of brand new material entitled To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs. The Atmosphere EPs is available digitally through iTunes & Amazon –  CD copies of The Atmosphere EPs will be sold exclusively on tour and through Fifth Element. On To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy, Slug raps about vehicular homicide (“Scalp”), young love (“The Number None”), and drug-dealing homeboys (“The Major Leagues”) as a backing band plays extended riffs and beery blues.

Since the last full length Atmosphere album, the group has incorporated live instrumentalist into both its live show and recording process.  It opens with ‘Until The Nipples Gone’, featuring a deep, angry guitars, providing a dark grimace to Slug’s “Panic Attack” flow. This incorporation of live instruments, especially the utilization of guitar, is a strong theme throughout the rest of the album. With said guitars in play, Slug gets to his strong suit, storytelling.   The guitar play really works as a catalyst to Slug’s tone and flow as evident on the scornful The Loser Wins and Shotgun, featuring a hard prickly guitar that encourages a faster and harder flow from Sluggo.

this EP clearly offers a moment of reminiscence for the group, best exemplified by the closing two tracks of the EP. ‘Freefallin’ claims a very folksy and smooth guitar filled backdrop to tell of the problems that are good ones to live with. Finally, Slug closes off with a thank you note on To All My Friends.

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