The highly anticipated interview with Kyle Spratt is available. We ask him all the questions that were on your mind after you read about the incident where he took Kim’s phone.

Make sure to click the link and check out his myspace. Before we talk about the recent controversy, lets talk about how you got into hip-hop. Who inspired you to get into hip-hop.

Kyle: Well, unfortunetly eminem, I mean theres no denying his old shit is classic I dont think anyone will ever touch sslp, mmlp, or eminem show and the stuff he did on 8 mile n with d12, but encore …. no comment

Illestlyrics: How long have you been in this game?

Kyle: Ive been written since I was 11 years old, been recording n performing for like 5 years now tho

Illestlyrics: Do you think you are ready to be signed to someone like shady?

Kyle: Yes and No. Lyrically i feel like i have been ready for a while now. I can still use some work on my stage ethic and flow but that improves 1000% everytime i spit.

Illestlyrics: Ok well, you have been a big celebrity on myspace lately, has this whole Eminem situation helped your career any?

Kyle: Once again, yes and no, haha i mean im getting alot of publicity but its like 50/50 love and hate … i guess time will tell if my music falls into the right hands because of all this

Illestlyrics: Well for those who dont know, can you give a brief explanation of the situation?

Kyle: Alright kim mathers and her mom played bingo at paradise bingo where i worked for years and its a family bussiness. She would constantly brag about how she could get my music put on and she could call eminem for me. She even gave me an address to send my demo and promised me that even if it was whack i would get a response, i never did. Feeling at my wits being an 18 year old in debt liven on my own with no diploma cause i got expelled for a rap i wrote years ago, i stole her cellphone when she was outside smoking, in a nutshell thats what happened.

Illestlyrics:well I’ve heard the diss track, it seems that you have lost all respect for eminem, is this completely true.

Kyle: Yes. I was already losing recpect for him because of his recent work. And the fact that he was once a hungry artist i thought he’d atleast give me some pointers, i never once expected him to sighn me!

Illestlyrics: So we heard that you’ve been fired, but what sort of legal issues are you facing?

Kyle: Im facin theft charge for the phone but it dosen’t look good for me because of previous charges which i do not wish to speak of.

Illestlyrics: Did you ever think, this would become such a big deal?

Kyle: Yeah that was the plan. I mean i knew even if nothing came of the numbers i got, its an interesting story.

Illestlyrics: What do you have to say to people who will call you “Stan”.

Kyle: The same thing i say to people who tell me they love my shit. ” Thank You For The Motivation ” , but nah for real i know i am influenced by eminem but with every song i find myself coming into my own, just as every rapper did. if you listen to infinite eminem sounds like hes on some ll cool j shit n what not, he grew out of it u know

Illestlyrics: Did Kim really have that many text messages from guys?

Kyle: Yeah man shes straight up hoe

Illestlyrics: Do you feel your diss track to Eminem would rank up there with other disses to him?

Kyle: I feel like i came at him harder then ja rule or benzino or any of those faggits did for sure man, but that aint nothin to brag bout right

Illestlyrics: Were you nervous when you heard Eminem on the phone?

Kyle: Fuck yeah man, he was my idol growing up i never imagined talkin to him on the phone it felt like a dream ( here come the stan jokes )

Illestlyrics: Any publicity in your hometown about the situation?

Kyle: Id say 95% of my city know about this story

Illestlyrics: Do you feel embarrassed about this situation at all?

Kyle: Not the least bit

Illestlyrics: I don’t want to take up to much of your time. Any last words or shoutouts?

Kyle: Yeah just thank you to everyone supportin me and hatin me any attention is good attention and fuel to the fire. I got my own label goin .. few records check us out and stay tuned for MUCH new music to come…

Thanks for doing this interview Kyle. Keep doing your thing.

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