Ice Cube ft. Maylay & W.C. – Too West Coast

A couple years ago, Ice Cube announced that he would be releasing a couple new hip hop albums.

He’s been on a rampage since that declaration, making his much anticipated return with Laugh Now, Cry Later, followed by Raw Footage, and the latest is I Am The West that came out on September 28th of this year.

Too West Coast is the latest single off that effort, directed by Matt Alonzo, featuring Maylay and W.C.

The album is already receiving great reviews which is odd for any rapper that goes Hollywood.

USA Today noted that Cube is more “cantankerous than controversial these days, he still holds it down for Cali thug music.” While few think of Ice Cube as a hip hop revolutionary in 2010, he still manages to release albums that grab the attention of the hip hop community, exactly 20 years out from his debut classic AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.