Hot 97 interviews, lox member, Styles P, about his stuff going on right now.

He talks about how he is partners with Koch Records. His record label is D-Block.

He calls his new album, the best work, he has done yet.

Styles P, talks about not being for the major labels, but he is still major for the streets.

He compares himself to Rocky. The underdog but the next champ.

The New York, rapper says that, he doesn’t like it when his record is brought with 7 other records. By some guy who leaves at 5:00, and it’s just his job.

He says, he is better at being hard than all of the best emcees in the same room at one time. He really likes to say this statement.

The lox member tells everyone, he needs them to cop his new album “Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentleman”.

The lox will be performing, December 27th at BBKings.

He talks about the album coming soon. Nothing is wrong with the Lox, Styles P clarifies.

Angie brings up the 50 cent interview where 50 and Styles P talked on the phone. It wasn’t very confrontational.

Styles told 50 he needs to be more street, 50 said, he could get Styles P a deal. Obviously, neither one came to fruition.

He represents for the poor folks.

Styles talks about having the same exact clothes on for three days. If you see him in Phili tomorrow, run. He doesn’t say that though.

Illest will keep you updated with all the latest news and music from Styles P.

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