Whats going on? This is my new “column”. I like to call it hip-hop is alive. Basically because I will be examining the underground hip-hop community.

If you don’t know what underground hip-hop is. Its basically what hip-hop was twenty years ago. Its the “energy”, the “word”, the “intelligence”, the “movement”.

Don’t get me wrong mainstream hip-hop is not the devil himself. Though to anyone who really respects the art of hip-hop. What hip-hop was meant to be.

You will agree that “mainstream hip-hop is quite dead”. To even go further into that ideology. Hip-hop wasn’t even established as a culture to go mainstream. Basically “mainstream hip-hop” is condensing itself.

If you don’t go back to your roots. You’re nothing. Metaphorically speaking you’re a dead tree. I know its hard for the “younger generation”, and i use them words loosely, to understand that hip-hop was not founded to make black people rich.

It was founded to express the hardships that they faced. I don’t personally see how flaunting your rented cars on tv is doing that.

Anyway. I’m jumping all around with different concepts that I will be bringing up in this “column”. Leave some feedback. I’ll be back next monday to write a little more. Thanks for reading.

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