If you’ve been living under a rock this past weekend, a video of Lil B announcing the title of his new album as “I’m Gay” was posted on Youtube, and now has taken over the hip hop news column.

While at Coachella, Lil B flat out dropped the bomb on his fans, trying to do what he called “the most controversial moment in hip hop,” expressing the notion that “words don’t mean shit.” The Rosenberg associates over at XXLMag.com have gotten in touch with a few artists like Talib Kweli, Freddie Gibbs and Killer Mike; to find out their reactions to the news.

Talib Kweli:

“Look I don’t care who you sleep with at the end of the day. I don’t care if Lil B’s gay or not. It doesn’t change my life in any way, but for him to name his album I’m Gay, issues such a challenge to his fans. I’m not sure if it’s brilliant or not but what he did with that, in one fell swoop was challenge every single bandwagon fan. Like are you really down with me or not. And me as an artist, I have no choice but to respect that.”

Freddie Gibbs:

“[The] Lil B shit was funny at first but now I feel like it’s just a bunch of white people laughing at a nigga, like a minstrel show. Shit is wack. I ain’t dissin’ gays, if you gay that’s yo biz.”

Killer Mike:

“He’s a happy guy, Gay means happy,” the ATLien reminded readers. “It makes perfect sense to me. It’s a provocative, bold thing to me. That’s what B does. It’s not as shocking to me. From a social element . . . this just feels like knocking down walls and stereotypes, embracing controversy and flipping it. Bravo to him for being the next Madonna. I also don’t think Lil B could ever make some of the music that I make. If he’s rapping about (gay) lifestyle the whole album, no I probably wouldn’t want to hear it. If he’s rapping on some hip-hop shit and it’s a weird ass, weird Lil B album . . . I’d probably buy it like i I did his last (album) and have a little laugh.”


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