I decided to write a short column today to bridge the gap between Lyricists and bubble gum rappers.

First of all. I would define lyricist as someone who puts a lot of effort into the songs they are making. Rappers who use metaphors, wordplay, and great story telling, do it to make their raps more creative.

They put intelligent lyrics into their content because they want to get across their message.

If anyone can explain to me how all this party music is putting across any other message than we’re a fucked up culture who are superficial as hell. I have a check waiting for you.

Bubble gum rappers write songs to make a hit. Lyricists make songs to get across their point in an original way.

It doesn’t matter how many syllables you use. If you’re Chino Xl or Young Jeezy when it comes to writing music. It’s the effort you put into writing your song.

More importantly its making a song people can relate to. If the only thing you can relate to is getting drunk in a club.

You’re a shallow person. You’re not diverse. If you make songs about being in the club. Then also make songs about President Bush ignoring the countries overall feelings on the war. Then you’re still a Lyricist.

The problem is these bubble gum rappers don’t care about anything but party music. They are limited. The aftermath is 100’s of cd’s with absolutely no intelligent content. There is no balance in their rapping.

So is hip-hop all about being a lyricist? Nope. It is about being more than a hit maker. Yup. If you’re a hit maker.

You’re just a puppet who will jump off a bridge to make a dollar.

That’s why us so called “real hip-hop” heads believe that Lyricists are more elite in this rap game.

Simply put. I didn’t want to make this article to long. I just needed to get that off my chest.

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