Of course, the entire purpose of this is to see what the best rated hip hop albums of the year are.

Hopefully helping you decide what albums to purchase and what not.

It’s easy to vote, no registration required.

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Our yearly voting for hip hop album of the year has started.

It’s been a year of great albums and great disappointments.

We have had, Jay Z return to iconic status.

While rappers like Fabolous barely hit our radar with his album “From Nothin To Somethin”, which could be considered an oxymoron. I prefer to reverse that title.

Ghostface dropped multiple albums.

Wu Tang clan got back together.

50 Cent battled with Kanye West for album sales.

On the contrary Talib Kweli and Common battled for the title of best lyricist.

Canibus, Priest, and Aesop Rock did their thing as usual.

Rappers like T.I, Fabolous, Redman, just didn’t see previous success from critics or album sales.

Freeway came tough while Beanie just came plain hard.

Scarface finally returned with a new LP and much more.

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