Hell Rell’s latest album has leaked to the internet. The third solo album from the Diplomats rapper and it was released through his own label Hellz Kitchen Entertainment. Cool to know, but the marketing was definitely weak, so hopefully, Rell fans will cop this album and help support his independent journeys.

hell rell - get lined up


01. Get In Line
02. Shoot Em Up
03. Shine
04. Ruga Rell
05. #1 Movement (Feat. 40 Cal)
06. Young Black & Strapped (Feat. 40 Cal)
07. Damn I’m Cool
08. One Eight Seven
09. Where Ya At (Feat. Young Buck)
10. If I Die
11. Hardest (Remix)
12. I’m So Special
13. The Ruga Show
14. D.W.S.

Leak Date

March 21st, 2009

Release Date

March 24th, 2009

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