Yes, it’s the day we all ignore the lining’s of our livers, wear green, spend green, eat green, drink green, puke green.

Please don’t be safe out there, be wreckless, be immature, it’s ok to drink and drive, it’s ok to spit at police or a push a woman to the ground, just blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol!

We ain’t going to be posting shit today, me personally I’m about to light up some bud and chill, it’s almost 80 degrees out so there is no need to sit in this house and bring you any news, there is a tooooon of new music we supply everyday, if you’re that desperate, then check out the old stuff.

Respect to all those Irish out there who made a holiday out of what most people consider a horrible addiction, peace, love, and DUI’s all around the world.


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