(Whitney Houston's  ^^)
What’s up people, it’s a new day, a new year, really to me it just feels like Saturday, but that’s what happens when you’re a true hustler. For those of you who like to celebrate the meaning of a new year, we wish you the best and hope this year is the best you’ve had yet.
Let’s cut down the funerals, the drugs, the stealing, the hate, the crooked cops. Don’t believe in your country, that’s “borderline” bullshit, believe in the people, believe in those who make this “country” what it truly is, #1. Continue to support us, support true hip hop, and support those who have a dream in this age of insomnia.
You’ll continue to see changes around here, we’re always striving for greatness, working on building our own community here at Illest Lyrics. We’re all artists just like you, so we know how it feels to never reach that level of personal satisfaction, nothing is ever good enough, and we couldn’t ask for it any other way.
Keep hustling, keep grinding like brakes on your 89′ Toyota Camry. We gonna keep doing our best, you just make sure you’re doing it too. BOYCOTT L.A. REID!!!
– Cory “Rugged” Clendening

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