The Game isn’t happy about this one.

Now it seems he has been parlayed into civil court situation thanks to the song “Heartbreaker” which was featured on his new mixtape “Purp & Patron.”

Universal Music Publishing Group sent an “unauthorized use” letter on behalf of Robert Diggs (RZA) to several media companies, asking for the removal of “Heartbreaker” from Purp & Patron, on behalf of the Wu’s co-founder.

The song was taken off the of mixtape, but Universal/RZA’s lawsuit is still pending. Main reason behind the removal of “Heartbreaker” do to a sample that was never cleared.

Kind of sad to see a member of Wu Tang suing someone over this, now that the track has been removed, I think it’s time to put the ego down RZA, go back to watching some kung-fu movies.

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