G Unit’s anticipated album, Terminate On Sight, has leaked to the internet. The albums actual release date is July 1, 2008.

The album is the follow up to “Beg For Mercy”. The group consists of Tony Yayo, 50 Cent, and Lloyd Banks.


g unit - terminate on sight


1. Straight Outta Southside

2. Piano Man – Feat. Young Buck Prod. Tha Bizness

3. Close To Me

4. Rider Pt. 2 – Feat. Young Buck

5. Casualties Of War

6. You So Tough

7. No Days Off – Feat. Young Buck

8. T.O.S.

9. I Like The Way She Do It – Feat. Young Buck

10. Kitty Kat

11. Party Ain’t Over – Feat. Young Buck Prod. Tha Bizness

12. Let It Go – Feat. Mavado

13. Get Down

14. I Don’t Want To Talk About It

15. Ready Or Not

16. Money Make The World Go Around

Release Date

July 1st 2008

Leak Date

June 24th 2008


50 Cent had this to say about the album.

We ran through 18 records. But what I was doing at that point was I was allowing them to make the same effort that they would make for mixtape material, for the album. So we’ll put portions of that material that were made during that time span on the actual street. It’s not going to do anything but build momentum

It’s like a spinoff — the sequel to Beg for Mercy. It was a statement towards the competition, towards other artists. Terminate on Sight is the version where you get more aggressive. This record embodies that. I kinda know where I need to go, because I tested the waters with the material I put out. I get to tell with the response to certain records where I need to be and chill out from other stuff

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T.O.S.: Terminate on Sight

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