Freeway is still alive; tell your friends. One of the most successful artists from Phili, Freeway has all but fell off the map since the end of Roc-a-fella records.

Philadelphia Freeway 2 was his last solo album, released by Real Talk Entertainment, that saw horrible sales. Though Freeway seemed to denounce the project and not take credit for it.

Freeway has been working with producer/rapper Jake One for the past few years. Most notoriously on Jake’s Stimulus Package.

In this music video, Escalators, the first single off Diamond In The Ruff, Freeway talks about elevating his game for the haters. Freeway has always been a greatly underrated lyricist, hopefully he really can make a statement with this album.

When talking about the album, he says it should have came after Philadelphia Freeway which was his most complete LP. Just Blaze will join Jake One as a producer on the album.

Here is the download:

Freeway – Escalators – Video

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