I hate when comments are taken out of context, Especially with the way the political landscape is these days.

I’m going to show you the actual audio. Not the biased commentary that was posted on other sites.

We won’t stoop to the lows of hip hop websites like hiphopdx.com, nahright.com, and rapgodfathers.com, to only post the biased commentary and give one side.

It’s fine to post your opinion, but you can’t post that as news. If you want to be considered a credible hip hop website.

The actual audio, taken from mediamatters.com, the commentary isn’t edited, but rather smeared on that site.

Download Original Comments

Download – Follow Up

-Illest Lyrics news will not take a stand on the situation – although we could have columns written about it.

-Although John Gibson is making some tough claims on hip hop, we will not say, if they are or are not justified. We believe the greatness of hip hop can shine through despite any criticism.

-You can form your opinion as usual. on Illest Lyrics. We won’t stuff an agenda down your throat.

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