Bill O Reilly is all riled up and attempting to brainwash his audience into hating hip hop again. He is far from impressed with Eminem’s latest music video We Made You.

I found the music video to be immature, but that’s for his audience to decide, not me.

The segment aired on Bill O Reilly’s nightly broadcast The Factor.

Bill O Reilly

He represents the lowest form of entertain in this country. No one over 25 listens to him.


At least Fox News isn’t making money off Eminem’s namesake by giving him an artist page and in turn promoting his vile content.

Gosh, the music video also attacks princess Palin who is the savior of the shattered republican party. She is suppose to come down from the heavens in 2012 and dethrone King Obama, the evil man who is turning our country into a socialist dictatorship while taking away our guns and in his spare time encouraging abortions at colleges across the United States.

You have just entered the mind of Sean Hannity, a terrible wasteland where all partisan hackery is formulated, paranoid delusions are breaded and the idea of destroying anybody who is not of the same political party as you is your only focus. Enjoy.

In related news, conservative Greg Gutfeld of Fox News made his own outrageous comments on Fox News Eminem Is as Edgy as a Potato.


Greg Gutfeld

For real edge, he should have had Michelle Obama, not Palin, in the sack. But that would take balls and Eminem only has boobs.

Perhaps Eminem should have just avoided politics altogether and had his mom under the covers instead.

After all, he’s been screwing her for years.

Of course, he is suppose to be a comedian, which is what Eminem is as well, the only difference is that Eminem rhymes and has talent.

Eminem wants to sleep with Sarah Palin while Greg Gutfeld wants Em to partake in incest with his mother.

You Decide

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