This time here at the Illest studios, we bring to you a new generation emcee coming out of the City Of Angels. This young blood goes by the name of Thr33zy Mcfly, a member of the Language Artz crew that’s also based out of the Los Angeles area.

Far away from a saturated industry pimped by modified tap dancing and slave chains made out of gold, this smiling, humble emcee brings a fun-new twist to the hip hop game. Thr33zy is one of the few artists holding fire as this resurgence rises from beneath America’s sunset — and when the stars come out, skies the limit for this young man.

The west coast has seen its ups and downs, but true hip hop heads know our beloved Cali sound has been absent for far too long, time for the Pacific to hit up Language Artz class, ya think?

Reassuringly, with bigger names like Dr. Dre finally working on Detox, and The Game only one track away from dropping The Red Album, the west coast knights can prepare comfortably for this battle that awaits, ready to prove once and for all, the West Coast movement will reign dominance over this dry market. In case you don’t know who Thr33zy Mcfly is, after this we promise you will.

Rugged: So first, tell us who Thr33zy is and what you plan on bringing to hip hop?

TM: You can expect a lot of substance music, bringing back that 90’s feel that a lot of people have been missing, that people have been wanting back. I’m just bringing that back on the west coast new type of flavor, that 90’s, but I’m a 2012 get down, you know?

Rugged: From Mood Swings to Hyperbolic Time Chamber, how do you feel you’ve grown as an artist?

TM: When I was 16 I couldn’t write verses without talking about guns and drugs, back then. So I feel like now that I’m older I’ve learned to play with my words a lot more and my topics aren’t just the same basic topics, I’m more creative, and my music is more quality, it’s not just the same topics.

Rugged: What kinda artists were you listening to growing up? Name some of the music you were listening to when you were in your teens?

TM: It was really a lot of east coast music, I just really liked their whole way of approaching tracks, I listened to a lot Nas growing up, a lot of Mob Deep, Ghostface, Raekwon, a lot of people like that. But basically that was when I was younger, as I got older, when I turned 14, 15, the people who really put inspiration to me to take the rapping seriously was Dipset, their whole movement, when Cam got signed to the Roc… I liked artists but I never liked artists how I liked Dipset, Cam getting signed with Roc is what made me pick up the pen and really go hard with the rapping, so I really owe a lot to those cats too, they’re really a big reason why I’m in the studio to be honest.

Rugged: We get a lot of writers and poets who come through, tell us, what’s your method of making music? Do you like to sit down and write your stuff out, or do you follow the new style and just spit your lyrics?

TM: A little bit of both, if a producer sends me over a beat, I’ll just ride out and get the feel of it, see where the beat takes me, and just try to create a movie within the words, and match up the beat, match the topic of the beat and the feel of the beat the best that I can with the words.

Rugged: You got the new mixtape with A.T.  (Hyperbolic Time Chamber) – going by the name Fusion Technique, what’s your favorite track on the mixtape and why?

TM: I really likes that One Eyed Monster…

…Because I don’t usually rap like that, that was whole different flow, and a whole different topic that I usually don’t ever get to rap on. I never get to rap like that, when I hear it now… Thing is… I didn’t even really like that song at first when I recorded it, but now that I get to sit back and listen to it like an actual listener, I like that song the best because that’s a really creative song.

Rugged: You got the music video for “I Feel Fine,” giving the girls something to blush to, where did you film on location and who was the lady you had with you?

TM: That was just a home girl, we’re just friends, its nothing like that, I just needed a cute girl to be in my video so I called up my home girl for that. But we shot the video at the Santa Monica Pier, we just went out and had fun basically doing it, a lot fun doing it. I knew the streets were really feeling the song, when I posted it I was getting really good feedback, so I said lets shoot a video, and I always wanted to shoot a video at the beach, so I just put two & two together and we made it happen.

Rugged: Where do you typically find your beats? Do you shop around with different producers or do you have a close connection?

TM: I’m always open to work with new producers, but I do have in-house producers as well. Shot out to J-Hyphen and shot out to Tha Adjicktivz — they’re responsible for the majority of the original music that I put out. But yeah I’m always open to get down with new producers, who ever sends me beats, If I’m feeling your stuff then I’ll most definitely hop on it and make a banger or two, but yeah my everyday producers are J-Hyphen and Tha Adjicktivz.

Rugged: Are you focusing just on making new music at the moment, or you planning on hitting the tour circuit soon?

TM: Yeah I plan on hitting up South By Southwest this year. I’m working everyday, I’m not just stopping here I’m trying to build my buzz crazy, and I’m dropping all these projects in the mean time just to basically lead up to my solo LP that I’m working on, I’ll drop when the time is right…

Do you got a new name for the album?

…Yeah the solo LP is gonna be called Video Games & Pizza, that’s gonna be coming out real soon — that’s basically all the work I’m putting in now with me and A.T. doing stuff together, and the album were dropping, that’s basically to lead up to both of our solo projects that we have.

Rugged: What advice do you have for all the up and coming dreamers out there trying to make new foot prints just like you?

TM: Nothing is impossible, you can make the impossible possible and follow your dreams, and don’t let nobody kill your dream, just keep pushing, if you pushing, and its something you really wanna do, if you believe in it, its gonna happen.

We want to thank Thr33zy Mcfly and the cats at Language Artz Records for letting reach out and spread the word, you can catch Thr33zy on his Twitter, Myspace, and Language Artz website.

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